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"Chi is licensed to practice Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine by the California Acupuncture Board and the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Chi is skilled in all areas of Oriental Medicine, especially Herbal Medicine and Moxibustion, Pain relief from head to heel, Emotional Management like Anxiety,depression, stress and Body Balance. In fact, he made a Moxibustion device that increases the fire acupuncture efficiency to its maximum. He also translated the famous Chinese herbal formular book into Korean."
"I love a client who is interested in improving their health and quality of life. I love a challenge, and am willing to partner with other professionals in creating a care plan for an individual patient. I like to work with people of all ages, and have the most fun on the busy days in my practice. I've seen good results in a number of cases, some even after a person has exhausted many other avenues of care, including post-surgical cases. Because the technique used in this office is very low force, it is safe for most every case."
"I provide a full spectrum of care for a wide range of health concerns. I help my patients develop sustainable health and wellness in their lives. I am trained as a primary care doctor who can diagnose disease, order lab work, and prescribe both conventional and naturopathic medications. I work closely with each patient to determine the root cause of their health concerns and to develop an individualized treatment plan to support their immune system and create optimal function in the body to help them overcome disease. I believe strongly that the body's innate healing mechanisms should be reinforced and not suppressed."
"I am dedicated to serving the people of Santa Barbara's medical needs with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I specialize in pain management, weight loss, sleep disorders, anxiety and stress."
"Doctor Birch practices at Purety Family Medical Clinic, an integrative health center based in Santa Barbara. He is so grateful to have the opportunity to positively impact his patient's lives by focusing on the gifts of nature to direct their own body's innate ability to heal. It is his passion to offer his patients the best that Natural and Western medicine has to offer while tailoring his treatment to what works best for them. He gets the most joy out of helping families get healthier as a whole and strives to help make our world better every day."
"I am a board-certified, licensed Naturopathic Doctor as well as a Registered Dietitian with a masters in nutrition. At Nest Integrative Medicine Spa I work with Dr. John Paulus as well as a staff of professionals to combine the best of traditional and natural medicine with preventative and anti-aging treatments."
"In my practice, I seek to treat the whole person while addressing the underlying cause of disease, not just address symptoms. My treatment plans typically include a combination of natural medicines and specific lifestyle changes designed to bring balance to every system in the body. I work with many different health issues and am particularly interested in treating those with chronic and degenerative diseases including those with digestive problems, auto-immune disease, thyroid and other endocrine imbalances, and chronic fatigue."
"Doctor Birch practices at Purety Family Medical Clinic, an integrative health center based in Santa Barbara. She provides a comprehensive knowledge of revolutionary healing solutions for acute and chronic disease, as well as longevity and preventive medicine. Her passion is to provide an individualized approach for patient-centered care. Helping patients reach their health goals is an absolute honor for her. She thoroughly enjoys working with patients of all ages and building relationships with them. She has undergone extensive board examinations to become certified as a Naturopathic Doctor and licensed in the state of California as a primary care doctor."
"I will meet you where you are with your eating disorder and help guide you to a more holistic and internally centered place with food and your body. I can help replace rigid, restrictive or chaotic eating with a structured meal plan that can gradually evolve into a more internally led pattern of eating that is intuitive, healthful, mindful, and ultimately free of the prison of your eating disorder. Additionally I can help in creating balance in the other aspects of your lifestyle, including exercise and stress management, which will support you in your recovery."
"The ideal patient for me is someone who has already been everywhere, seen every specialist there is to see, and has never gotten significantly better. I treat any Jaw, Head or Facial pain using the most conservative, non-surgical techniques known. Another ideal patient would be someone diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, or snoring, who cannot tolerate the CPAP."
Office is near:
Santa Barbara, California 93199
(805) 285-3992
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RDN, LE
"I am an Integrative Wellness Coach & Nutritionist. "My passion is working with men and women who are sick, of being "sick and tired" and who want to claim the healthy and vibrant life they deserve. Good health does not happen by accident. It is created with patience, knowledge, consciousness and with the support and guidance of a trusted health professional. I help you in creating the skills, lifestyle practices and self-care that restore you to health. All treatment is individualized, respecting the unique biology, family history, genetics and environmental influences affecting your life."
Office is near:
Santa Barbara, California 93109
(805) 706-8874
"Located in beautiful Ventura, a medical practice that is dedicated to your optimum health and wellness. Years of training in the proven art of Traditional Oriental Medicine, blended with a balanced understanding and appreciation for western medicine. The approach is complete, providing comprehensive care for most conditions and working with your specific needs to balance and/or enhance other therapies. Safe alternatives to western medications offer solutions that are effective for most conditions. Discover how well you can feel with natural health care!"
Office is near:
Carpinteria, California 93013
(805) 356-3227
"We welcome patients desiring a substantial health improvement, free from dependence on treatments that temporarily relieve or suppress symptoms, who are tired of suffering with limitation and reduced quality of life. We welcome unresolved cases that have not responded satisfactorily. We welcome patients who desire to be educated and involved in their healing process. Deeply curative results are realized in a phenomenally wide range of diseases. This Clinic has a high success rate with Autoimmune diseases, all kinds of Orthopedic conditions, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Prenatal trauma based illnesses, Psychological imbalances, Women's health, Prevention & reversal of Aging, and much more."
Office is near:
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 383-0318
Nutritionist/Dietitian, CCA, PKS
"I provide an individualized and effective form of Nutritional Counseling and meal planning based on Ayurveda and a whole range of Ayurveda Services. Using information regarding the tongue, eyes, history of client, current state of toxins, and symptoms of discomfort, I will advise you on suitable foods, meals, supplementations, lifestyle habits, superfoods, herbs and detoxification methods. I provide natural naturopathic detoxification programs for the colon, liver, lymphatic system, kidney/bladder pathway and more. Additionally, I will provide Ayurvedic herbal formulas, teas and seasonings as needed to improve you digestion and address you specific health issues."
Office is near:
Carpinteria, California 93013
(805) 308-3480
"I believe in the importance of patient centered healthcare, stemming from compassion and the desire to help support you with where you are at in your own process. My goal is to help facilitate improved health and well-being. I have successfully treated and worked with a wide range of conditions, focusing my practice in pain management, digestion, women's health, sleep concerns, and emotional balancing. Whether you are experiencing new symptoms or a long term condition, we will look to the root of what is causing the discomfort and help you find long term relief and wellness."
Office is near:
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(818) 305-6629
"Hello, I am a Natural Health Consultant with degrees in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. I conduct wellness consultations that integrate good nutrition, supplementation and healthy lifestyle. My specialties are chronic fatigue, hormone balance and allergy elimination. Together, we can streamline your supplement regimens to target your health priorities and help you find natural alternatives to address your health concerns. I am also an educator and speaker available for groups or businesses. I give regular workshops that encourage healthy living, meditation and stress management."
Office is near:
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 491-4975
"Do you have all the tools you need actively involved in your life to be successful in achieving your life goals and find a sustainable healthy lifestyle you love? How do you know what are the best dietary and exercise choices for yourself at any given point in your life? Each person is beautifully unique and has to know thyself. If you feel the need to dig deeper, learn more skills, integrate continuous self-improvement, while creating a life you will always love, you have found a great guide!"
Office is near:
Santa Maria, California 93455
(805) 960-5473
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD
"I provide personal and individual nutrition education and counseling on a variety of health and nutrition issues. My approach is simple, yet effective. I work with the individual to assist in empowering them to make healthier eating habits and lifestyle changes. It definitely is not easy to take charge of your health on your own, but can be done when you have the right skills, information, and motivation. My goal in working with people is for them to eat healthier, feel better and to embrace eating as an enjoyable experience."
Office is near:
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 285-3912