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Holistic Dentist Dentists in Ashland

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Premier Care Dental, Dentist  in Ashland
“Welcome to Dentist Ashland Oregon and the home of Premier Dental Care and Ashland dentist Dr. Brady Frank DDS. As a practice we are true believers that preventative care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. We strive to provide dental health care vs. disease care. That's why we focus on thorough exams - checking the overall health of your teeth and gums performing oral cancer exams and taking x-rays when necessary. We also promote routine cleanings & flossing before and after treatment so you achieve the best possible short and long term implant treatment results. Not only are we focused on the beauty of your smile we're also concerned about your health. A review of your medical history can help us stay informed of your overall health any new medications and any illnesses that may impact your dental health. If you are looking for a Dentist in Ashland Oregon call and set up an appointment today! We look forward to serving you!We accept most payment methods but do not accept state aid. Call 877-550-2051 now.
(877) 550-2051
Ashland, Oregon 97520
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Holistic Dentist Dentists
If you're looking for an holistic dentist in Ashland or for an Ashland holistic dentist, or holistic dental care Ashland, these holistic dentists in Ashland are trained practitioners. They provide pediatric holistic dentist Ashland services, and Ashland holistic dentist care.

Can a Ashland Dentist help?
Dentists in Ashland diagnose and treat problems with teeth, gums and tissues in the mouth.

Dentists perform dental surgery on gums and supporting bones to treat gum disease. They remove tooth decay, fill cavities, place protective sealants on children's teeth, straighten teeth, repair fractured teeth and provide dental care. Ashland Dentists extract teeth and make models and measurements for dentures to replace missing teeth.